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About Cinemassage

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Cinemassage is an online platform for film and literary criticism where trends in popular culture are highlighted and deconstructed to provoke thought, debate, and retrospection.  Originally founded in 2016 under the name CineMessage, a personal blog seeking "alternate Oscars" for winning films and performances in past years of the Academy Awards, the site has since expanded to include Oscar predictions, film and book reviews, and lists of ranked popular culture phenomena.  The name Cinemassage (a fusion of "cinema" and "massage") is a nod to the symbolic misprint of "message" in Marshall McCluhan's 1967 book The Medium is the Massage, which argues for how the medium carries greater meaning than the content of a work of art.

About the Editor

Sheldon Gaskell is an instructor of writing and rhetoric at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.  Born and raised in Connecticut, he attended the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts for creative writing and won the CT Young Writers Contest for prose at the age of sixteen.  He graduated with a Bachelor's in English from Cornell College and received his Masters in English Literature with an emphasis in Film Studies from Western Illinois University.  In addition to reviewing film, literature, and television, he also edits books and writes fiction and poetry in his spare time.


Please contact him with questions or feedback:

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